Friday, October 2, 2009


Being Joey's mom, I just think that Joey is the cutest! He loves to play and some of his favorite toys are an octopus that plays notes when you squeeze the legs (and it smells like vanilla) and he also loves this spinning wheel that makes animal sounds. I attached some pictures of Joey with a couple of his favorite toys.

(I am also very annoyed with this blog site as it is not posting things the way I set it up and as it shows me in the preview...anyone with blogspot experience have any tips? These pictures were supposed to be on the side of the blog and it deletes words. Frustrating!)


  1. I think that he is adorable as well.

    The next time you want to post pictures with wordes being on the side, chose the option to make the pictures smaller. That might help but I am not certain that is the problem.


Mommy Loves Joey

Mommy Loves Joey